The Dimension Vortex

Wow- It has been quite a while since my last post!!! No excuses on my part, but I have been quite busy!!! I have been implementing several projects that demanded quite a bit of my time. I am just at the final stages of these projects, running tests as they are now live. I can't give too many details, but one of the projects entails a new conversion of biomass whose energy yields are triple than our previous biomass converter!!! Really great stuff. I wanted to give you some idea/detail about the Dimension Vortex that I had mentioned in a prior post. I will try to keep it as simple as I can, and yet try not to divulge anything that may affect the space-time continuum. Ok here goes!

Our universe is made of a complex but simple entity/matter that responds to our thoughts, impulses if you will. These impulses can be manipulated to affect our universe in the present, past and future. There was a great book written by Lynn Taggart in the 21st century called "The Intention Experiment". In a nutshell the book explores the premise of an interconnected universe, a universe where intention via thought can affect life. Thought and intention can transcend time and space. In her book Lynn documented experiments where subjects via thought changed the outcome of past events. Now imagine if you will a portal, a mechanism (details of which can not be divulged), that takes thought, amplifies it, and directs it in manner that produces the "intention" of the thought in its entirety and in the time space that it was directed at. I use this mechanism to "transcribe" my blogs into your time and the mechanism can also pick up the thoughts intentions of the past and allow us to reconstitute them here in our future. I know this sounds simple but that is really how simple it is. There is no magic except for the mechanism we use which employs technology that can not be shared because of the space time continuum. Our thoughts are what we use nothing else as such I hope that you realize and read more about the power of thoughts (hint, hint), so that you can start altering affecting your life and the world you live in. As always - "We are All One in Life and Love" -Until next time!

Khalia C. 2/15/2811



Indulge me if you will and let me spin this idea. Imagine if you will, that all citizens of the world demanded that all companies that manufacture any sort of machinery, process or energy that produces CO2 emissions, convert all those products/processes to operate with ZERO – “0” CO2 emissions and ZERO pollutants. Cars, trucks, trains, ships, boats, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, you name it, would operate with engines, propulsion systems that use renewable energy: bio-diesel, hydrogen, compressed air, solar energy, geothermal, water and any type of non-CO2 emitting energy/technology. This, my friends, in short is what needs to happen NOW to stem the tide of Global Warming!!

This mandate by the world’s citizens would bring about the greatest industrial revolution known to mankind. But not just an industrial revolution but a Climatic Revolution whose purpose is to forestall and if not reverse the trends of the past 100 years of global climate change that is afflicting our planet.

In your time, one of the most compelling and telling tales of the affliction of global climatic change was authored by one of the United States presidents – Al Gore. His documentary – “An Inconvenient Truth”, would open the eyes of many of the world’s citizens to the increasing and radical changes that were occurring to our planet. I can tell you that in 2810 his film is used as an educational tool in our schools. The impact of the film was slow at first, but gained in its momentum within 5 years of its release. If you have not seen this film, please DO! If you come away with anything from the film, it is that everyone has an effect on our planet. As such, we can, each one of us, take responsibility for our actions and demand that our governments do so as well to protect the only home we know – Earth.

One might say then, that the mandate postulated here is way beyond the current collective consciousness. That may be, but (here is a hint or plug for the collective consciousness) - Life on Earth still exists in 2810, so you tell me, is this mandate doable? Take a guess.

I hope this post compels some thought and action! I look forward to my next post, until then - "We are All One in Life and Love"

Khalia C. 11/16/2810


Greetings! FYI - My posts will be updated sporadically due to the nature of the Dimension Vortex. Unfortunately matters are also complicated due to the fact that I am limited to one Dimension Vortex “Transfer” per cycle (every 3 months). My apologies, but in my position, use of energy is strictly monitored, but the powers that be know that the intention of my “Blog Posts” is to enlighten humanity in its time of need.

Speaking of my position, I want to elaborate on what it is I work on in 2810. I work as a scientist for The Ministry of Energy and Planetary Resources. My “Job” is to research and develop sustainable energy and fuels from our Planet’s resources. My work entails traveling to all continents and the Moon. The “Field” trips are usually to one of our many satellite locations. The group of scientists, from multiple disciplines that I work with, assist in developing renewable energy that is safe, non-polluting and resource conservative – that means that the renewable will not use more energy than it provides.

In 2810, Earth’s continents are not so much separated by countries, but by “Ecological Zones”. I’ll explain in greater detail the break down of the zones in a future post. Within those Ecological Zones, the Ministry has several satellite facilities. Each Ecological Zone facility is responsible for research and development of a potential renewable. The Eco-Zone facilities warehouse a huge database containing all matter of data that is particular to that Zone. Data from all Ecological Zone facilities is also stored in a few central locations to access all information simultaneously. Now you can imagine the computing power that it would take to store this data. And in case you were wondering – Yes companies like Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle have survived and are alive and well in 2810. These are some of the major players that assisted with the creation of this database; there are other companies that I can not divulge to you because of the space time continuum paradox.

The development of the Ecological Zones stemmed from a change in humanity’s view of life on our planet that occurred by the end of the 22nd century. The Gaia Hypothesis (an ecological hypothesis that proposes that living and nonliving parts of the earth are viewed as a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism1) was brought to the forefront of humanity’s quest for survival. We changed the way we looked at the world; no longer would we view ourselves as separate from our surroundings –our environment, but as part of a complex living organism. In the ensuing centuries, The Gaia Hypothesis became the basis for a paradigm shift in humanity’s view of life and the catalyst for our planet’s survival. The Earth – Gaia this living, breathing organism was finally embraced by all mankind.

All knowledge then was reassessed, so that science could truly evolve in line with the one living organism, and use the knowledge to breakdown all of the symbiotic processes of the one organism. From the Earth’s core to the moon, the sun, etc., we learned to work with these systems without causing massive disruption or destruction as was the case in your century.

As I post I will be underlining key words/terms, that I will explain in future posts.

As you can imagine our planet is a complex organism. Till this day -800 years into your future, we are still discovering the complexity and interconnectedness of all things on Earth. My work then has a directive that comes from Gaia – “To use what is given, without causing harm or major disruptions to an Ecosystem”. That is my work, my life and my passion. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I look forward to my next post – until then – “We are All One in Life and Love”


Khalia C. 11/08/2810


Welcome to my Blog! This chronicles the events that took place in the Earth's 21st century, a time when humanity had traversed a course that would lead us to the brink of extinction. Hello, my name is Khalia, I am a scientist writing to you from the Earth year 2810. It is my hope through historical perspective and the current events of my time to expand on the ever growing consciousness that had developed at that critical time in Earth's/Humanity's history. Let me say that time travel is not possible, but through the channeling of energy via the now known "Dimension Vortex", I am able to communicate via the electronic medium you call the "Internet". I am excited as well as apprehensive about my undertaking. Although one may ask, Is there a time space paradigm occuring?; in some cases that may be, but for the most part No. Putting ideas, thoughts, philosophies, enlightenment into your collective consciousness only enhances what has already begun. I hope that you will enjoy my interpretation of the events of your time and my thoughts on how humanity can/will overcome the pressing issues of your time.

Khalia C. 11/01/2810